• Shehzad Mirza- Partner, Fortium Partners, and former CIO of U.S. Department of Commerce, Federal Aviation Administration, and Department of Homeland Security

  • Seth Blank- Director of Industry Initiatives, ValiMail

  • Steve Cooper- Director of Operations, Global Cyber Alliance

On October 16, 2017 the Department of Homeland Security mandated that all federal agencies implement HTTPS, STARTTLS, and DMARC, with complete enforcement by October 17, 2018.

These changes will greatly improve the security posture of the U.S. government by closing off avenues that hackers and foreign state actors have used to impersonate federal agencies.

But there is a lot of confusion around email authentication, which has slowed the pace of federal agencies’ adoption of DMARC in particular.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • What the DHS BOD 18-01 mandates (STARTTLS, DMARC, HTTPS)
  • What resources are available to federal agencies to ensure compliance
  • What email authentication is and how it works (including a technical overview of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC)
  • How DMARC enforcement will benefit your agency
  • Why compliance with BOD 18-01 is eminently achievable within one year
  • How to achieve enforcement and compliance to protect your staff, partners, and the American public

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

10 am PT – 11 am PT

1800 Montgomery Street, 18th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, 888-354-6179
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